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Organ Playing Aids Physical & Mental Healing

The  recent 'Journal of Advanced Nursing' study suggests that adult patients suffering from chronic pain reported less pain, depression, and disability and felt more empowered after spending a week listening to one hour of music each day. The patients studied - average age 50 -  had all been suffering from a variety of painful conditions such as osteoarthritis, disc problems, and rheumatoid arthritis, for an average of six and a half years.

Types of Music that May Reduce Pain

Regardless of the type of music they listened to, the patients, on average, reported a reduction in pain of as much as 20%, as well as a reduction in symptoms of depression of 25%. 

How to Get Started Playing the Organ

When considering playing the organ as a hobby we understand that it isn't just notes and timing, it is camaraderie, fun and a sense of accomplishment in addition to being a healthy mental activity. We, at Organ Stop are committed to your complete satisfaction and we are passionate about it. As a continuing effort to support your decision, we offer group and private lessons, concerts featuring the world's most famous organ artists as well as parties, cruises and other events to enhance your enjoyment. Join a class today

*Our results show that listening to music had a statistically significant effect on the two experimental groups, reducing pain, depression, and disability, and increasing feelings of power, explains nurse researcher Dr. Sandra L. Siedlecki from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio.

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