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Setting the Kawai organ apart from the rest is the veritable symphony of tonal variations available with the Tibia Drawbars.  These responsive drawbars are easy-to-use controls which are essential to achieving exactly the right organ sound for you. 
Kawai has retained the traditional drawbar controls rather than converting to confusing switches or computer-type read outs.  If you are a beginner, you will appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to press a key, push or pull a drawbar and instantly hear the change.  If you are an experienced player, you have the confidence of knowing that Kawai adheres to the most exacting organ building standards that you are used to.

kawai9000whte.gif (17914 bytes)Kawai's new, exclusive feature, FX-Pro allows both the beginner as well as advanced player the fun and excitement of adding any one of 128 General MIDI voices or sound effects to the lower keyboard (XR7000) or to both the lower and pedal keyboard on the XR9000. Simply press the "FX-Pro" button and rotate the tempo dial to instantly select sounds ranging from a music box to bagpipes. With touch-select control, it is possible to add just the right amount of volume of sounds or sound effects by simply striking the keys with more velocity.