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Allen Church and Theatre Organs


An Allen Organ is the Benchmark for Superior Quality

Every Allen organ is the pride of skilled craftsman and artists.  Allen organs are built to last using the only the finest materials and construction techniques to maintain the highest standards of manufacture. Each Allen organ is  designed and built in the Allen factory according to the most exacting standards.  This gives you organs of superior quality that are extremely affordable ensuring long term use and dependability.

The Allen Organ is The Choice of Professionals 

More than 70,000 installations world-wide in 7 continents proves that Allen is the organ of choice.  Some of the worlds finest artists that have chosen to become Allen concert artists are Diane Bish, Walt Strony, Lyn Larsen, Jonas Nordwall, Lance Luce Roger Nyquist, Hector Olivera just to name a few.

The Allen Organ Advantage

It isn't about the quality construction that goes into every Allen, nor is it about the world-renowned organists that choose Allen, and it isn't even about the unique features such as multiple stop lists and advanced MIDI capabilities and note-by-note voicing that sets Allen apart from the pack.   It is about the total commitment of skilled craftsmen, electronic engineers and world class organists that assign their expertise to every Allen built.  In the end it's all for you the end consumer purchasing the  world's most dependable and reliable organs ever built.

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